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iPhone 4 - find the best deals on an Apple iPhone 4


What is an iPhone 4?

The iPhone 4 is far more than just a mobile phone, in fact most users say that phoning is probably the last thing they use it for! iPhone 4 incorporates a very usable web browser (Safari) and email program, the eternally useful Google maps with a built in GPS so you can see where you are on the map, an iPod to play music and videos, a camera with flash and even an HD video camera, and it runs over 350,000 apps covering everything from games to learning languages to weather forecasts. With all that packed into one small device, it needs to be easy to use - and it is. iPhone 4 has a very high quality touchscreen display with probably the best thought out user interface of any consumer device ever. It's powerful and sophisticated but it's very easy and even enjoyable to use.

Latest deals we've found on new iPhone 4:

Apple iPhone 11 PRO 64GB - 4G LTE (Unlocked)

Buy Apple iPhone 11 PRO  64GB  - 4G LTE (Unlocked)

Apple iPhone 11 PRO 64GB - 4G LTE (Unlocked)

Buy Apple iPhone 11 PRO  64GB  - 4G LTE (Unlocked)

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Secondhand iPhone 4 phones

We have also searched eBay to find the best deals on secondhand iPhone 4. These may include some refurbished and nearly new items, as well as secondhand. You will find some iPhone bargains here...

Apple iPhone 4 - 16GB - Black (Verizon) A1349 (CDMA) Locked ESN

Apple iPhone 4 - 16GB - Black (Verizon) A1349 (CDMA) Locked ESN picture
Sale ends 4h 21mins

White iPhone 4 Excellent Condition

White iPhone 4 Excellent Condition picture
Sale ends 10h 33mins

Apple iPhone 7 Plus - 128GB - Rose Gold (Unlocked) (Read Description) V9511

Apple iPhone 7 Plus - 128GB - Rose Gold (Unlocked) (Read Description) V9511 picture
Sale ends 20h 28mins

Apple iPhone 4 - 8GB - White (T-Mobile) A1332 (GSM)

Apple iPhone 4 - 8GB - White (T-Mobile) A1332 (GSM) picture
Sale ends 9h 41mins
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Should I buy one?

ProsConsAlso consider
  • Everything you need in one device - phone, iPod, camera, email, web browser, GPS
  • Fantastic user interface and great touch screen display make it a pleasure to use
  • 350,000 Apps available from the App Store
  • Battery can run down pretty quickly when using 3G
  • Antenna - signal strength can drop if you hold the iPhone 4 wrongly!
  • Can't replace the battery yourself if it fails
  • Samsung Galaxy S
  • BlackBerry Torch 9800
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc

What do I need to know?

The iPhone 4 is without a doubt a great phone. Most people who own one love it and wouldn't change to any other. The iPhone 4 has come in for a lot of criticism however - firstly for it's antenna problem and secondly for it's battery life. If you use it heavily it will eat through it's battery in a few hours, however this is really just a consequence of it's power and complexity and really isn't a problem provided you have access to either a mains socket or a USB socket to recharge it. The antenna problem is also not a problem as long as you know how to hold the phone so as not to bridge the antenna, or if you use (as most people do) a case or cover that prevents you from doing this, it's absolutely no problem at all.

Where can I buy one?

There are two ways to buy an iPhone 4 - as part of a contract with a network such as Vodafone or O2 (either directly from the network or through as reseller such as Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4 U or Dial A Phone) or to buy it outright and buy your phone service/SIM card separately. Amazon and eBay are good places to find cheap deals on iPhones for outright purchase. We have put together an iPhone 4 price comparison page checking prices from all these sources to find the best deals for you.

What about secondhand iPhones?

Secondhand can be an attractive option, saving you the initial depreciation that happens as soon as you open the box, and if you buy a fairly new secondhand one, all the manufacturer's warranty will still be in place so you will be fully covered in the event of any faults. If you're prepared to go slightly older, you can often pick up some real bargains with last year's model going for a fraction of it's original price. eBay is of course one of the best places to find secondhand iPhone bargains and we have created a page that searches eBay for you to find the best deals on secondhand iPhone 4 for sale. Our unique filtering system trawls through the eBay database selecting only the most relevant offers and best deals to save you time.

More information

For a very detailed look at the iPhone, the different models, technology and development, take a look at this great Wikipedia article on the iPhone.